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Pi Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association


The Pi Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association, Inc.. (PSFAA) serve as a vehicle for alumni brods to continue on the ideals they have espoused in their college or university years. Moving into the "real" world does not mean the end of youthful zeal and idealism, but rather, this offers a broader opportunity for the brods to exert influence and make a difference based on the beliefs and aspirations inculcated into them as residents of their school chapters.

Through the years, our fraternity has produced competent, aggresive and highly-motivated professionals, businessmen, civic and social workers and public servants, who are making their mark in their own fields of endeavor. They represent a potent pool of talents that could be tapped to carry the fraternity's quest for peace, progress, social justice, and genuine democracy out of the confines of the universityand into the mainstream of  society.

With our common bonds as Sigmans and the PSFAA, Inc., almost three decades of brods will be bridged and brought together; facilitating communication, building business, professional, social, and political linkages, sharing lessons and experiences, consolidating our ranks, and moving ahead in unison.

The need to organize the alumni has been eagerly conceptualized to institutionalize coordination and continue fraternal ties between the alumni themselves and the resident brods. In 1984, the mother chapter in UP Diliman, initiated moves to form an alumni association and held an Alumni Homecoming with the Pi Sigma Delta Sorority on February 11 of that year in the Kowloon House Restaurant in Quezon City.

Another Alumni Homecoming was held in the Asian Institute of  Tourism in Quezon City on December 16, 1986. This was also a Christmas Ball and the guest included not only alumni from the Mother Chapter but alumni from other chapters as well as alumni brods who were working or based in Metro Manila - National Capitol Region. In this affair's Open Forum, formalizing the Alumni Association was agreed upon and this set up the ground work for an event to come about two years later.

On the 11th of December 1988, the Articles of Incorporation of the Pi Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association, Inc., were submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), thus giving official recognition to the PSFAA, Inc., as a non-stock, non-profit organization committed to foster brotherhood and camaraderie among members towards greater service to the Filipino people.

On the 28th of February 1989, The First Alumni General Assembly was held at the Celebrity Sports Plaza. In this General Assembly (GA), the alumni brods reaffirmed their continuing committment to the principles of the fraternity. Elections were also held for members of the executive council and plans and projects were drawn-up.

Succeeding General Assemblies were also held in the following years. The second GA was held in Sulo Hotel in Quezon City on December 15, 1990 and the third one in December 15, 1991 at the Institute of Small Scale Industires Auditorium in UP Diliman. And in 1992, a Grand Alumni Homecoming was held at the Manila Pavillion Hotel to celebrate the fraternity's 20th year anniversary.

The growth of the PSFAA, Inc., continued with the building of regional alumni chapters. The first was the Bicol Region Chapter and then the Northern Luzon Regional Chapter which hosted the Third Pi Sigma Fraternity National Convention in December 1994. The Mindanao region followed suit with a Mindanao-wide convention of alumni brods from February 28 - March 3, 1997, setting up the alumni chapter in that region. A National Capitol Region Chapter is being planned.

As the fraternity celebrates its Silver Anniversary, the PSFAA, Inc., under the leadership of Brod. William "Boyet" Ignacio, is once again in the forefront of preparation for the anniversary activities which will culminate with the Fraternity Ball on August 16, 1997 at the Shangrila Manila, Makati City.

Officers of the Pi Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association:

William "Boyet" Ignacio  :    President 
Dan P. Calica  :    Vice-President 
Eduardo Felix "Dodins" Sundiang :    Treasurer 
Atty. Renato "Ren" Pambid  :    Business Manager 
Edward Guantes  :    Auditor 

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