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Mula sa puso .... Message from the Alumni President 
Message to DOM  (from RJ)



March 23 Boyet Ignacio's B-day !!
April 13 Rod Vejerano's B-day !!
July 13 Tikboy's B-day !!



Now Showing Lean, a musical: For details please see any resident bod.
Sept.20, 1997 "No to Cha-Cha" Vigil at UP Diliman Quezon Hall.
Sept.21, 1997 Join the "No to Cha-Cha" march to Luneta. Meeting Place: UP tambayan
Sept.28, 1997 A Reggae Party at Tia Maria's, Katipunan, to celebrate the last day of Bar Ops.


Feature:  The wayward tree

                           Headline: 20 year old tree hits 2 week old car .... tree will sue. 

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