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Fraternity Trivia

What does the official seal of the Pi Sigma Fraternity mean?

What are the official colors of the Pi Sigma Fraternity
The official colors are Red, Black and Gold .

Is there a Pi Sigma Street?
Yes, in Albay, South of Luzon. Where the majestic Mayon Volcano towers over the landscape of the Bicol region, Pi Sigma Street  had been in existence since the late 80's. The street was so named because a great number of the residents are either Pi Sigmans or Pi Sigma Deltans.

Does the Pi Sigma Seal have religious connotations? 
No, it does not have any. However, the seal was inspired by a religious symbol that is usually placed on top of doors. This religious symbol is used to ward off evil and bad luck.

In UP Diliman, where is the Pi Sigma "tambayan" or hangout located?
During the the early 70's the "tambayan" was near the left stairway facing the UP Library, it was then moved to second floor of the Palma Hall in 1980 and stayed there for eight years. 1988 came, and with it, a notice of eviction from the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) for all non-CSSP organizations to vacate the building. The fraternity was given two choices for its relocation site by the CSSP administration, both "tambayan" choices were kiosk type structures outside the building, the fraternity chose the kiosk near the CASAA Canteen. Up to this date, Pi Sigmans and Pi Sigma Deltans can be seen "hanging-out" at the tambayan, studying for the next class or just plain waiting for the next "inspiration" to pass by.

Does the Pi Sigma Fraternity have a Hymn?
Yes, as a matter of  fact, all neophytes or recruits of the fraternity are required to sing the Pi Sigma Hymn during their initiation rites.  There are other songs sung by the fraternity on different occasions or events, there are marching songs, drinking songs, songs about the sisses/sorority etc.

What event in UP Diliman is most anticipated by students?
The Pi Sigma Fraternity Annual Open Debate Tournament. The Annual Open Debate Tournament has consistently admitted record attendance since its first run in 1986 up to this year's tournament, hundreds had to turn back year-in and year-out,  because of the jampacked venue. Now on its 12th year, the tournament is perhaps one of the longest existing fraternity sponsored event in the campus. The tournament is perhaps the only venue where rival fraternity's, organizations and groups of individuals pause and set aside differences to compete in yet a different arena, where there is no physical violence, where wit, intelligence, wisdom and yes, humor score "hits". Some faculty members and politicians actually beg to be included in the list of judges of this prestigious event.

The fraternity has several distinguished brods in its roster, one of them is a senator of the Philippine Republic. Who is this senator?
Senator Raul Roco or should we say Brod Raul Roco is a distinguised Sigman by virtue of an official act of the Pi Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association. Said act made him an honorary Pi Sigma Fraternity member.

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