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C o n t e n t s

I.      Background and History
           Profile of the Pi Sigma Fraternity, its mission and vision.

II.    Pi Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association
          A short profile of the Pi Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association.

III.  Pi Sigma Delta Sorority
          Background and History of the Pi Sigma Delta Sorority.

IV.   Projects and Activities
          The Fraternity's upcoming projects,  and other related events.

V.     News and Updates
         The fraternity's web based newsletter -- The PARAGON :  Internet Edition.       

VI.     Fraternity  Trivia
            Learn more about the fraternity with bits and pieces of  info.

VII.   Pi Sigma Forum
         Read the latest from our readers. Here you will find literary
         contributions, food for thought, messages, etc.. from our      
sisses and  readers.

VIIIPi Sigma Feedback
         You can send your comments, suggestions, literary
           contributions etc., through this form.